Words of Hope

At BHCHP, we take great comfort in having our community of friends around us.  That community includes our dedicated hospital, shelter and university partners, our kind donors, our devoted staff and of course, our courageous patients, who struggle day after day enduring homelessness. Whatever challenges we face, we know we are stronger together. This feeling of shared purpose energizes us as we continually work to devise better ways to serve our patients.

During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created this page where we will be posting messages of encouragement and hope for our patients and staff that we receive from you, our community. Your messages of hope and encouragement can be a safe, fun and creative way to make us all smile.

If you are interested in sharing positives messages to our clinicians and patients, please submit your notes and photos to wordsofhope@bhchp.org

Words of Hope Messages

More Words of Encouragement

- Park Street Church

Thank you to BHCHP

I am happy to be able to make this special donation so that BHCHP can continue to do its valuable work. I hope that all of your staff knows how much their hard work and compassion is appreciated. 


Thank you!

“Thank you! I work at a homeless shelter in Cambridge and see how much BHCHP supports our guests. When COVID-19 struck, BHCHP was a guiding light for my organization."


An Act of Generosity

"Here is my stimulus check. Thanks so much for doing what you do!"



Message for our staff

Dedicated to all the people working tirelessly for this cause. This is the least I can do

Haroula Tzamaras

Thank you BHCHP!

Thank You, BHCHP for your amazing, meaningful, beneficial work!  and Thank You Susan for your amazing Wonderful Good Deeds!  May All Beings Be At Ease."

Eileen Feldman

So proud of these wonderful women at Boston Hope!

Thank you for being so compassionate and caring so selflessly for all the Patients at BOSTON HOPE.

Barb Boylan

Words of Hope from Scott

Scott Forrest

Park Street Church

Words of Hope to Health Care Providers and other Staff

Park Street Church

Words of Hope from Park Street Church

Park Street Church