Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program has a history of quality activities resulting in ongoing improvement in the access and quality of the medical care that is received by our underserved clients. We have a Quality Plan that is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors annually.  The forum that coordinates quality activities at BHCHP is the Quality and Efficiency Committee (QEC). QEC is composed of a multidisciplinary team that includes clinicians and non-clinicians and CAB members.  This committee selects the program-wide and site-specific quality measures and sets goals for these measures based on areas of needed improvement.

We approach quality improvement initiatives with these core steps:

  • Collection of data for baseline
  • Recognition of need to improve
  • Nurse champion to take lead
  • Team-based approach to care
  • Motivation and incentives
  • Clinical reminders
  • Data reporting to sites, teams, and individual clinicians

Check out our Quality Grid for a list of all our Program-Wide and Site/Team based quality measures with our goals for Fiscal Year 2015.  We meet with all our sites quarterly to discuss site-specific quality data, spread best practices, and track and follow-up on site-based quality improvement initiatives.

The Institute conducts an annual primary care patient satisfaction survey of BHCHP patients.  The 33 item survey addresses four domains:  patient-provider relationship, access/coordination, cooperation, and homeless-specific care.