President's Message

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Dear Friends,
Welcome and thanks for your interest in BHCHP! We have an incredible staff of clinicians and professionals providing the highest quality health care services possible to some of the most vulnerable members of our community – Boston’s homeless individuals and families of all ages. I am so proud to serve with them in caring for those subsisting on the fringes of our society.

I had not planned to pursue this career path upon finishing medical school and residency. I was headed for an oncology fellowship in New York in 1985 when Dr. Tom Durant and my chief of medicine, Dr. John Potts, asked me to become the fulltime doctor of the City of Boston’s new health care for the homeless project. Despite heartache and hardship, the work has never disappointed me. The medicine has been challenging and complex and our patients have shown more courage and resilience than I ever expected. The gratitude we receive moves us every day.

These decades have been marked by tremendous growth and innovation. What started with a staff of 8 individuals has blossomed to a team of more than 400 conducting clinics in more than 45 locations stretching across the city of Boston and beyond. We are offering comprehensive medical, dental, psychiatric, and addictions services while tackling complex problems in ways we could only dream about in the early days. We continue to seek new ways to meet the needs of the homeless people we serve.

I want to personally thank all of our supporters for your contributions over the years – you have been instrumental in making it possible for us to reach more than 11,000 patients each year. Until the time when homelessness is no longer an issue, we will continue to rely on your charitable donations and I look forward to our ongoing partnership.

Most sincerely,

James O’Connell, MD