Diti Kohli; The Boston Globe

“An aspiring doctor and her mentor are creating care packages for coronavirus patients experiencing homelessness. What’s inside? A handful of hygiene products, hand sanitizer, earbuds, handwritten notes, and activity books filled with crosswords or Sudoku.”


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WBUR: Lynn Jolicoeur

"BHCHP President Dr. Jim O'Connell says he finds the high rate of asymptomatic spread alarming.

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News@Northeastern; Molly Callahan

“Since mid-April, Calnan has been working at the Boston Hope Medical Center, a respite shelter for people who are experiencing homelessness and have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the illness.”


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"Researchers found something similar in Boston. In the study of 147 people testing positive at one shelter, just 11 reported a cough. That study is changing practices at the network of shelters affiliated with the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, says Travis Baggett, director of research at the programme and an author on the study. “Until that point, we were screening people by checking their temperatures, and using that as the basis for testing,” he explains. “But our data shows that if we aren’t more proactive, we’ll be too late to prevent an outbreak.”


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Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite; The Harvard Gazette

“Another initiative spearheaded by GSAS affiliates is a collaboration between the group Bike Harvard and the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. Co-founder and former leader of Bike Harvard Marissa Grunes revisited submissions from an old Bike Harvard logo design competition and with a graphic designer, created a new Bike Harvard T-shirt, which is being sold online to raise money for BHCHP’s COVID-19 relief fund.”


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Zeninjor Enwemeka; WBUR

"The coronavirus pandemic has shown there are many needs, particularly in communities where the virus has had a disproportionate impact.

Because of that, third year medical student Melanie Fritz gave her money to Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program and Cosecha Massachusetts, a mutual aid fund for immigrants.”


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WCVB; Erika Tarantal

“Bridget Sullivan and Dr. Peter Smith helped lead the transformation of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center into a home and hospital for hundreds. The field hospital has been named Boston Hope.”

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“Dr. Jim O'Connell: There are many paradoxes and ironies in this epidemic. One is that I think if you're in a shelter, you're more likely to get the virus than if you're living outside. So many of our street folks, for example, do not want to go anywhere near a shelter because they think that's where they will get sick. And interestingly, up until now, we've seen very few street people come down with COVID positivity, and most of them have been tested by the hospitals when they hit the emergency room.”


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Reuters: Carey Biron

“Ninety percent of our focus has been on the COVID-related stuff,” said David Munson, medical director of respite programmes for the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, one of the country’s oldest and largest.”


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