Tatiana Saenz

HIV Nurse Case Manager

Tatiana Saenz is an HIV Nurse Case Manager and the Co-Chair of BHCHP's Immigrant Health Committee. She obtained her Bachelors of Science of Nursing from the University of Massachusetts graduating summa cum laude, her Associate in Science of Nursing, and Associate in Arts from Bunker Hill Community College graduating with honors. She is currently studying for her master's in Nursing Informatics at CUNY SPS to learn how to improve access and understanding of health technology. Tatiana was first involved with the immigrant rights movement as a founding member of the Student Immigrant Movement -- an undocumented youth-led organization known for its work advocating for the Dream Act and fighting anti-immigrant amendments in the Massachusetts State House. She was also a leader with United We Dream, a Washington, DC-based organization advocating for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in 2012 and the passage of a driver's license bill for undocumented DC residents in 2013.

Tatiana also brings awareness and knowledge of the health impact that immigration law has on immigrant communities through her own personal experiences as an immigrant from Colombia. At BHCHP, she is engaged in creating and promoting internal policies to best serve immigrant and non-immigrant patients through education initiatives such as the use of interpreters, know-your-rights workshops, and connecting patients to various immigration legal services. She helped lead the creation of Oasis, a multicultural immigrant-friendly clinic at BHCHP, dedicated to limited English proficiency (LEP) patients who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. During the pandemic, Tatiana helped fundraise $4,000 on behalf of the IHC to donate to the MA-COVID-19 Pandemic Undocufund which provided aid to undocumented families. You can find Tatiana dancing in her living room and biking around Boston or surrounding areas, attending therapy, painting, reading and other self-care activities.  

Areas of interest: Social Justice, immigration, self care, nursing, feminism, infectious disease, equity, leadership, informatics