Sanju Nembang

Director of Quality

Sanju Nembang is the Director of Quality within the BHCHP Institute. In her over 15 years of work with BHCHP, she has served in several different capacities across the program, from case management to medical records. She currently oversees BHCHP’s Quality Program and the Quality and Efficiency Committee. Sanju is responsible for collecting, tracking and reporting on clinical quality metrics for various external regulatory and grant-related requirements. Beyond her work on BHCHP’s quality improvement initiatives, she extracts other clinical and operational data and develops a wide range of customized reports to meet the needs of teams and managers across the program. Sanju is passionate about centering racial equity in quality improvement work across the program, and she is an active member of BHCHP’s Equity and Social Justice Committee. She cares deeply about developing creative quality improvement strategies to identify disparities in care and implement interventions to address them.


Areas of interest: health equity, quality and process improvement, health informatics