Kacia Wilkinson

Member, Consumer Advisory Board

Kacia Wilkinson is a member of BHCHP’s Consumer Advisory Board. Originally from Rockport, Massachusetts, Kacia experienced homelessness for over 20 years. It was during her time as a rough sleeper on Boston’s streets that she first met Jim O’Connell, Cheryl Kane, Suzanne Armstrong, and other BHCHP staff while they were doing street outreach. Over the years, as she sought care from BHCHP and deepened her relationship with the clinical teams here, Kacia found she loved to advocate for other people experiencing homelessness and ill health. In addition to a strong interest in seeing others obtain stable housing, Kacia actively contributes to the development of BHCHP’s medical respite offerings, HIV care and patient education, and other new programming. She likes participating on the Consumer Advisory Board because she enjoys helping others and being part of the “bigger picture.” She is well known for playing Mrs. Claus during the holidays at a family shelter in Mattapan. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her cat, named Stella.