Incia Fisher

Cancer Screening Patient Navigator

Incia Fisher is a Cancer Screening Patient Navigator within the BHCHP Institute. Hired in April 2019, Incia is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts, Boston with a Bachelor of Arts (major in Criminal Justice) degree. With an extensive 15-year background in Human Services, the former on-air radio personality has collaborated and worked with numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations and charities within the Boston/Greater Boston area. Incia’s focus and passion has been with advocating for and assisting individuals to regain normalcy in their lives, whether it be advocating for equal treatment in the healthcare, housing and/or criminal justice systems. Incia’s role at BHCHP as a direct link between patients’ cancer screenings (Pap Smear, Mammogram, Colonoscopy/Fit Kit) and their healthcare providers has been integral to increasing the number of BHCHP patients focusing on maintaining their overall physical and mental health. An extrovert with a knack for public speaking, Incia is also an avid traveler having lived and studied abroad (Panama & Colombia) for numerous years. As a former college basketball player, Incia has lent her talents to coaching local boys and girls’ teams in the Boston region.

Areas of interest: cancer prevention, advocacy