The Institute for Research, Quality, and Policy in Homeless Health Care


We have a number of ongoing projects that involve collaboration with staff internally, as well as external institutions.  Among dozens we are highlighting some of our more recent projects.

Policy and Advocacy:

We want people to be aware of policy and advocacy projects that the Institute is involved in.  These may include public policy that we are engaged in shaping, or advocacy work on behalf of our patients. Here we share highlights.


A core part of our mission is to provide access to high QUALITY health care.  We are involved in several quality improvement projects and here we highlight some for you.


The Institute is involved in efforts to show the value of BHCHP services and our care model, which means considering the quality of the care we provide as well as the impact of our program on costs and utilization.


Our hope is to support BHCHP staff in writing about the experiences of our patients in order to increase awareness about homelessness.


Our program helps to provide education to broader health care providers and learners, as well as to continue providing medical education to internal staff.  Here we highlight some of our more recent educational efforts.