The Institute for Research, Quality, and Policy in Homeless Health Care

The vision of The Institute at BHCHP is to become a collaborative center for research, quality improvement, writing, ethics and education, advocacy and public policy with a mission to improve the health and health status of homeless persons.

The goals and objectives of The Institute are to:

  • measure and evaluate the accessibility, quality and delivery of health care services;
  • tell the stories of our patients and share the expertise and knowledge of the program;
  • serve as a catalyst for change and a mechanism for advocacy in the realm of policy and practice;
  • ensure the recruitment, retention and professional development of highly skilled and curious clinical staff; and
  • impact and inform public policy, advocacy and awareness through the dissemination of research results.

BHCHP's strategic research priorities are a component of the comprehensive plan to identify and explore specific research themes and health care settings relevant to BHCHP providers and patients. The political, economic and clinical environments will be considered each year as the Research Institute examines the evolving issues and prioritizes the areas of interest for the upcoming year.

The  Institute seeks mutually beneficial collaborations with other research organizations, Health Care for the Homeless Councils, local academic medical centers (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Womens Hospital), universities (Harvard Medical School, Boston University School of Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston University School of Public Health) and agencies in local, state and federal government.

We are fortunate to collaborate with many talented and motivated individuals, including internal staff, students, volunteers, partner institutions and outside contacts.  Our large network has helped us to develop a diverse project list that encompasses a range of focuses, scales, methodology, and sub groups of our patient population.

A sample of working research questions

For more information on doing research with The Institute please contact