Holiday Season Drives

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are we are currently accepting limited, new in-kind donations. Thank you.

Gifts to Connect Families in a Trying Season

The winter and the holidays can be particularly difficult for BHCHP's patients. You can make gift-giving and preparing family meals possible for a family living in a shelter or temporary accommodation.

Your contribution of a gift card to stores like Target or grocery store chains gives families much more than the chance to buy toys, clothes or food. You'll give parents the ability to select a personal gift for a child or prepare a special meal to share together. Your generosity will help foster the dignity and self-esteem that are so difficult for parents experiencing homelessness to hold on to.

Gifts for Warmth and Wellness

As we all know, the winter months are cold and wet. Those on the streets and in shelters often lack the very basic clothing necessary to stay warm and dry. By donating new winter clothing items such as hats, gloves, mittens and scarves, you will partner with BHCHP to help keep homeless men and women healthy and warm this season.

Please contact Janika Beatty at or 857-654-1044 for additional information.