Emerging Leaders Board

BHCHP is seeking individuals who share our commitment to caring for Boston’s most vulnerable individuals and families to join our Emerging Leaders. Emerging Leaders members must possess a knowledge and passion for BHCHP’s mission, an authentic understanding and compassion for BHCHP’s role in ensuring unconditionally equitable and dignified access to the highest quality health care for all individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our community.

As a group, the Emerging Leaders are charged with building and strengthening the community of young professionals who support BHCHP, raising critical funds to support the work of our program and fulfill our patients’ needs, and contributing directly to our program through volunteerism and service. All BHCHP Emerging Leaders board members are expected to contribute the following:

  • Financial Support:
    • Donate or raise at least $1,000 annually for BHCHP
    • Organize a sock or other in kind donation drive
    • Secure raffle items for events as needed
  • Time:
    • Make a one year commitment
    • Attend monthly committee meetings (at least 75% in person)
    • Plan, execute, attend, and recruit attendees for Emerging Leaders events, including networking events, fundraisers and service projects
    • Donate specific talents and skill sets to the group
  • Strategy:
    • Generate and share ideas on how to connect BHCHP to the community
    • Identify partnership opportunities that will allow BHCHP’s message to reach new groups in the Boston community, including new corporations, professional groups, and community organizations
    • Leverage his/her own skills and talents to support the work of the Emerging Leaders and BHCHP as a whole
  • Advocacy:
    • Have the ability and willingness to advocate for BHCHP within his/her personal and professional network, encouraging new people to support Emerging Leaders activities to benefit patients served by BHCHP
    • Identify opportunities to reach new audiences and engage new people in the community in BHCHP’s mission, including recruitment of new Emerging Leaders members.


  • A letter to your CEO outlining your commitment to our organization and our patients
  • Networking opportunities with BHCHP Board of Directors and Philanthropic Advisory Council members
  • Recognition through profiles on social media outlets, website and newsletters
  • Two discounted tickets to our annual gala
  • Attend an annual breakfast meeting hosted by BHCHP CEO, Barry Bock
  • Networking with other young professionals and BHCHP staff members


Applications to join BHCHP's Emerging Leaders Board are open year round, and new members are admitted in March and September. For more information, please contact Alyssa Brassil at abrassil@bhchp.org.

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