A Corps of Corporate Volunteers

BHCHP relies on our corporate partners not only for financial support, but also to engage patients and assist our staff through volunteerism.

Volunteering at BHCHP serves two worthwhile purposes —supporting our patients and staff and providing a great team building opportunity for your group.

Below is a list of our corporate opportunities. To schedule a project, please contact us by emailing info@bhchp.org.

UPDATE, August 10, 2020: Due to continuing issues concerning COVID-19, BHCHP has suspended all in-person volunteer opportunities. As of February 2021, we are also unable to accept any in-kind donations. For information regarding virtual options, please contact us by emailing info@bhchp.org or calling 857-654-1053. We appreciate your understanding and continued interest in volunteering with us.

Bingo with patients: Play Bingo with the patients at the Barbara McInnis House, our 104-bed respite program for medically frail homeless men and women. Our patients are recovering from a variety of ailments or illnesses, and playing Bingo with them is a great way to brighten their day. We can accommodate groups of up to 10 people.
Times: 1-2:30pm, 6-7:30pm, weekdays

Phone and computer help for patients: Small groups (up to 8) can offer tutorial and help sessions to our patients who are trying to learn how to use computers or cellphones. Our patients generally have a limited knowledge, so no advanced expertise is needed.     
Times: 1-2:30pm, 6-7:30pm, weekdays        
Clothing closet cleaning and organizing: We have a small emergency clothing closet for patients that often gets messy. Small groups (2-4) can sort, organize and clean our clothing closet to make it easily accessible for case managers.
Times: Any time from 9am-5pm, weekdays

Kitchen meal prep and serving: Groups of up to 5 can help our kitchen staff clean, prep food and serve meals to our 104 respite patients.
Times: 6-9am, 11am-2pm, 4-7pm weekdays

Can’t make it down to our location for a volunteer day? Consider hosting a drive to help our patients!

Host a Sock Drive: New, white socks make a huge difference in the health of our patients. Simply put out collection bins and spread the word for employees to collect new, white athletic socks for our patients. You can save a pair of feet!

Set up your own virtual drive

Host a Briefs Drive: Many people who donate goods to organizations that support homeless people prioritize items such as winter coats, first-aid kits, or food supplies. While these are all important, underwear is a crucial part of everyday clothing that is greatly needed and often overlooked. New underwear gives the gift of confidence as these men and women strive to overcome other challenges in their lives. Challenge your coworkers or individual teams at your company to collect new underwear for men and women. 

Set up your own virtual drive