Welcome to the BHCHP Blog: Sharing our Patients’ Stories

BHCHP CEO Barry Bock in the Fenway Park dugout during our annual Sox for Socks event.

By Barry Bock

For over 30 years, our mission has been to provide or assure access to the highest quality health care for all homeless individuals and families in the Greater Boston Area. But as we have grown over the years to continue to meet that need, the times—and technology—have changed. An important part of honoring our patients is sharing the story of our work with the world. We have long done this, whether through our newsletter, email updates, and our tours at Jean Yawkey Place, or more recently at our Medicine that Matters Gala and our social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

We love communicating with you, our supporters, partners, neighbors and friends, so we decided to start this blog to give us a new way to do that. We consider it an investment in showcasing stories that are too long and too complex for social media and email updates. We’ve previously only shared these stories a few times a year, in our newsletters, videos, and at our gala. But with so many inspiring stories to share and things changing so quickly in these uncertain times, we simply can’t wait so long to keep you informed about our work.

Our ability to care for the minds, bodies and spirits of our patients—in a respectful and compassionate way—is what makes BHCHP so unique. You can expect the same level of care from us when it comes to sharing the stories of our patients, which is an honor that we are continually humbled to be allowed to do.

We will be sharing videos, like this one on depression among the recently housed, steered by Larry Adams, infographics, like this visual explanation of our work, and patient stories with photos, like Florence’s journey.

BHCHP is a program of many voices, and you will hear a variety of them on this blog. Our patients, staff, donors, partners, supporters, and friends will all stop by to share their thoughts with you, and we hope you will share yours in return. Of course, please keep your comments respectful, and we reserve the right to remove any responses that are not in keeping with the values of BHCHP. If you read something here that is thought provoking, informative, or touching, please email it to a friend, share it on social media, or otherwise pass it on, so we can continue the global conversation about health care for the homeless.

We hope that you will enjoy getting to know more of our patients, as well as the hardworking staff who deliver this high-quality, compassionate care every day.

Barry Bock (RN) is the CEO of Boston Health Care for the Homeless. He joined BHCHP in 1990 and has served as chief executive officer since 2013.


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