Meet our 2021 Marathon Team: Krassi Diehl

Krassi Diehl, 42, originally from Lexington MA started running 10 years ago for health reasons. When she's not running, she enjoys hiking and yoga. Krassi transitioned to the US from a foreign country and has been able to establish a rich, full life here in Boston with a great circle of friends (who have become her family), a career she loves, and a place to call home.

It's been her dream to run the Boston Marathon ever since she moved to Boston in the Spring of 2013. She first encountered our program from one of our beloved donors, Martha Ruest. Krassi is passionate about raising funds and awareness to support people experiencing homelessness in Boston. 

"It's hard to understand the existence of homelessness, especially in a City like Boston. I'm glad to be able to support the efforts of BHCHP in the fight of helping people experiencing homelessness."

Her friends and family will be alongside Team BHCHP at the finish line cheering her on!


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