Meet our 2021 Marathon Team: Katherine Record

Katherine Record, 37, originally from Winstead CT and a graduate of Georgetown, Duke and Harvard has been running since high school. As an athlete, she notes, she ''had" to run for soccer or lacrosse practice and to stay in shape as a gymnast. But, through running with her dad on nights and weekends she learned running could be more than just sprinting across a field. From there, it became a lifelong activity and an escape from the stresses of college and grad school. Katherine is no stranger to running marathons, having run the Boston Marathon two previous times (she ran for BHCHP in 2018!) and fifteen total prior marathons. 

About BHCHP she says, "BHCHP is a tremendous organization that is widely renowned. I am thrilled to support any efforts that contribute to the work of BHCHP because the organization does tremendous work to support the individual and public health of the residents of the City of Boston and our Commonwealth. They are excellent stewards of every dollar they raise. I am impressed but not surprised, given BHCHP's reputation, that the organization made such a tremendous contribution to the state's COVID vaccination efforts by taking responsibility for vaccinating all of Boston's unsheltered population." 


She believes it is important top support people experiencing homelessnewss and continue to build awareness of the challenges they face, "There are a multitude of reasons people face homelessness, some of which are related to our broken health care system (eg., untreated mental illness or addiction). At the end of the day, it is not for any of us to judge why someone is in any particular situation but rather, to ensure that everyone, regardness of ability to pay, has access to essential health care services."

Her family is a constant support and will be there cheering for her (along with all of us!) at the finish line. 


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