A Fond Farewell to a Beloved Staff Member

Diana Aycinena, RN, BHCHP’s Director of Case Management (pictured above, right with Abby Ward to her left), recently left our program to move closer to her family in California’s Bay Area. Diana spent her last few months at BHCHP on the COVID front lines managing care in our MASH-style medical tents that housed many of our COVID patients.

Diana reflected on her experience, “It was a game of stamina for all of us. I couldn’t believe how many of my colleagues showed up with big smiles on their faces as they prepared for another day in the midst of this global pandemic. These clinicians were running around for 12 hours in PPE, working in the tents with patients who were very scared and confused. They handled it all with grace, dexterity, and immense clinical precision and compassion. I can’t even adequately put into words the immense feelings of gratitude and love I have for my colleagues. Sometimes, I wish our supporters could see the sheer heroism of our frontline staff, because it was truly beautiful to watch.”


We are so grateful to Diana for her incredible expertise and genuine compassion toward her patients. We wish her all the best!


If you would like to share your own words of hope and encouragement with our staff and patients, email us at wordsofhope@bhchp.org

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