Boston Marathon 2019: Meet Keirsa Johnson of Team BHCHP

by Erin Lade

If Keirsa Johnson had to describe herself in one word, it would be persistent. The Cambridge resident has been running since college, where she lived on a popular running route. While watching a half marathon, she noticed how happy the runners looked, inspiring her to take up long distance running.

Johnson wanted to join a team whose mission she connected with, and connected with BHCHP through her sister-in-law, Lizzy Kidder, who is Co-Chair of our Emerging Leaders Board. Johnson is excited to run for BHCHP because she believes, “the lack of affordable housing and the opioid epidemic make urban homelessness and access to health care some of the most difficult issues Boston currently faces. The work BHCHP does is truly incredible.”

Every year, approximately 30,000 dedicated runners line up in Hopkinton to run the Boston Marathon. This year, three of them will be representing Team BHCHP, through the John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program. Last year, John Hancock-sponsored runners raised $13.1 million for charity.

Each of our runners will be raising at least $10,00 for our life-saving work while they train to run the 123rd Boston Marathon, the oldest annually contested marathon in the world.

The opportunity to run for BHCHP has allowed Johnson to learn more about our organization, which she commends for its comprehensive and meticulous care. “From the special programs for women down to the paint colors on the walls, an incredible amount of attention has been put into the details,” she says.

Johnson’s persistence has contributed to what she considers her greatest accomplishment: ten years of consistent running and the places she has seen through it. She is excited to bring her talents home, participating in an event that everyone from the Boston are feels connected to, and getting to raise money for an organization she feels passionate about while doing so.

Can’t make it to cheer on Keirsa in person? You can always make a contribution to Keirsa’s fundraising or share the page with your network. Thank you to all of our supporters for being an essential part of Team BHCHP and supporting our patients all year round!

Get to know the members of Team BHCHP and cheer them on by reading our series of blog posts.

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