Boston Marathon 2019: Meet David Goldstein of Team BHCHP

Every year, approximately 30,000 dedicated runners line up in Hopkinton to run the Boston Marathon. This year, three of them will be representing Team BHCHP, through the John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program. Last year, John Hancock-sponsored runners raised $13.1 million for charity.

Each of our runners will be raising at least $10,000 for our life-saving work while they train to run the 123rd Boston Marathon, the oldest annually contested marathon in the world.

Get to know the members of Team BHCHP and cheer them on by reading our series of blog posts.

David Goldstein is a Newton native who has lived on the famed Heartbreak Hill for 27 years. A successful small business owner and longtime runner, he has been more serious about the improving his times and mileage since his kids went off to college.

David shared with us his personal connection to BHCHP’s work and the issue of homelessness: “My half-brother suffered from schizophrenia and spent some time in institutions and some time experiencing homelessness. He passed away several years ago. I want to be able to help, at least indirectly, others who face the types of challenges he faced.”

After connecting with BHCHP as a non-profit whose mission is meaningful to him, David is ready to run Boston. But why now? David says, “I always wanted to run Boston, but needed to get my distance up and feel that I run the full 26.2.  I did my first marathon in November and Boston is my next challenge.”

On race day, David will have plenty of friends cheering him on near his home in Newton Centre, and his family we be waiting for him at the finish line. Will you be at the Boston Marathon to cheer on David and the rest of Team BHCHP? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

Can’t make it in person? You can always make a contribution to David’s fundraising or share the page with your network. Thank you to all of our supporters for being an essential part of Team BHCHP and supporting our patients all year round!


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