BHCHP supports a “YES” vote on Question 3

On Election Day, Massachusetts will vote on discrimination protection for transgender people. Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program supports a “YES” vote on Ballot Question 3 which keeps our current law protecting transgender people from discrimination in public places.

A study by Project VOICE and Fenway Health showed that discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations is associated with significantly higher rates of stress-related physical outcomes and negative emotional symptoms. Public accommodations discrimination in healthcare settings is especially detrimental to health. Twenty-four percent of transgender people did not seek routine health care due to previous experiences of discrimination.

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program’s mission is to provide or assure access to the highest quality health care for individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the greater Boston area. Among the vulnerable populations we serve are many who identify as transgender/gender diverse. Question 3 would repeal protections for transgender people in places of public accommodation, adversely impacting their health. For these reasons, BHCHP supports a “YES” vote on Question 3.


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