BHCHP's New Flagship Clinic at Horizons for Homeless Children!

BHCHP’s Family Team has been a stable source of care for families experiencing homelessness since our founding in 1985.

We deliver multi-lingual, trauma-informed health care and case management services to families and unaccompanied youth in family shelters, domestic violence shelters, motels and on the street.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our Family Team has continued to offer shelter-based services to ensure that families have a source of accessible health care. Because of necessary public health restrictions, our staff used a combination of in-person and telehealth services to continue to engage patients in care. Our quality nursing and medical care services include vaccinations, wellchild visits, cervical cancer screenings, primary and episodic care, weight counseling, family planning, case management and behavioral health and substance use disorder counseling. In the age of COVID-19, instances of conditions like depression are sharply rising and are magnified for those enduring the chaos and trauma of homelessness, many of whom experienced behavioral health issues prior to the pandemic.

While timely detection of behavioral health conditions is essential for everyone, it is critical that those experiencing homelessness receive accessible, trauma-informed, and familycentered behavioral health services. While COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our program, BHCHP is committed to proceeding with its transformative capital project to create a full-time flagship clinic for our Family Team within the Horizons Center, Horizons for Homeless Children’s new, stateof-the-art facility. Our clinic will provide rapid access to trauma-informed medical, nursing, behavioral health, health education, and case management services for the more than 200 homeless families who will receive services from the Horizons Center. While the pandemic has delayed the construction timeline, the project is moving forward with new COVID-19 safety considerations with a projected opening in Summer 2021. As we open this new flagship clinic, BHCHP will seek to add clinical capacity, particularly to better serve patients with limited English language proficiency, and provide accessible, culturally competent health care, which this population so desperately needs and deserves.


If you are interested in learning more about how to support this critical capital project, please contact Sara Pacelle, Senior Director of Development, at spacelle@ or 857-654-1052. Thank you!