BHCHP Summer Zoom Series

Do you want to learn more about the myriad of services BHCHP provides for our poorest neighbors?

Did you know that the BHCHP:

  • Family Team cares for over 900 children experiencing homelessness each year,
  • Substance Use Disorder staff sees SUD as the leading cause of death of our patient population,
  • Women’s Health Initiative compassionately counsels and cares for our vulnerable female patients living on the streets, and
  • Clinical team at the New England Center and Home for Veterans proudly serve our country’s veterans.

Starting July 14th, at 11 am, and weekly thereafter, members of our BHCHP staff from around the program will meet to discuss their expertise and their patients. You make all this life-saving work possible. Please join us and see how your generosity helps individuals and families who are struggling with homelessness in the Greater Boston area. Click on the session(s) that interest you below and you will be taken to a registration page. 

BHCHP Summer Zoom Series 11 am – 12 noon